NBN relocation delay

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Approximately 2 weeks ago I booked for my NBN to be relocated to my new address on the 21st of January. My new address has the NBN already installed (fttp) however despite this when I attempted to connect to the internet on the 21st of January it would not connect. Every time I have called I've been advised that the problem is not at my end but at tpg's end. Despite this admission no one at TPG that I've spoken to so far has been able to explain exactly what the issue is. Each time I call however I am advised that the problem will definitely be resolved within 24 to 48 hours. The last woman I spoke also advised that she would send me a text to give me a status update within 24hrs. It is now the 25th of January and none of the above promises have come to fruition. As I require the internet to complete my work this has been an extremely dissapointing and inconvenient outcome for me.

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Thanks for raising this matter to us and we'd like to take a closer look on your account to determine as to what is causing the delay on the service activation. Kindly PM your TPG customer ID or account username. Here's how:
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