NBN setup for FTTC

Level 2

About to start NBN install. I will need to re establish my phone line connection from the street and was wondering is there any required changes to the wiring of the phone point, or is it still the same old two wire i.e. blue/white, connection as has always been the case?


Hi @donovar1 


If you currently have a working ADSL service at your skt, the NBN-FTTC should work the same and no changes will be required. The NBN-FTTC will change over automatically once the order has been completed.


If you have followed the guide: NBN Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) Setup Guide and the internet is still not working, an NBN technician is required to complete the service installation. 


A Case Manager is assigned to coordinate this matter with NBN Co and should be in touch for updates regarding the status of your service. 




Level 14

The nbn connection device plugs into the wall socket just like it was a telephone or adsl modem.

You need to consider its location regarding wifi coverage.