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NBN - site unreachable

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Hi All,

Please bear with me, I'm mildly competent in the world of internet and IT. Which sometimes can be more dangerous than completely incompetent. This is fact.


We've recently moved our NBN from Aussie broadband to TPG. My wife works from home (She did this pre-COVID as her head office is in Sydney). One of her work systems that she could access using Aussie Broadband is now not reachable with TPG.


Nothing has changed as far as I am aware in terms of software (it's her work PC and obviously I am not a user).


Hardware has stayed the same. (NBN Modem and my AC68U updated with TPG log in details)


The URL of the pathway is here –


My wife does use a VPN – details here (pretty sure not useful)-


Her IT team is saying that it is an issue that needs to be resolved through TPG Issue is: I am not sure how to troubleshoot – hence I am looking for some constructive direction from the wider community.


Thanks for your efforts in reading my post.


Level 14

Hi @travismaher . TPG residential plans have a dynamic ip address which changes from time to time. What was the situation at ABB?

If she can access some systems but just not this one, ip address is probably not the problem.

From her work pc, can you ping the host name of the failing work system and do a tracert to it. ( and have different ip addresses.)

Compare the tracert to the failing system to those systems which still work. Might be a missing link in TPG's network.

You could also try changing the DNS in the work pc to Google's DNS: and  Make a note of the existing values.