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NBN slow but especially struggling on websites requiring login

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Over the past week, my NBN has been noticeably slower albeit useable. However any sites that require logging in are really struggling or not letting me login at all, e.g. online banking, super, etc. Hotmail will login slowly but then does not want to load my emails when I open them.


It does not appear to be a computer or browser issue. I have tried this on different browsers and computers and all are experiencing the same problem.


Any suggestions?


I did get an sms last Saturday that there may be outages to my NBN that day and more updates to follow (although didn't get any further updates). Not sure if my issues may be a flow on from this?





Hi @Haddouken 


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For customers experiencing any issues with their NBN service, we recommend the best thing to do first is check if there's an outage on the NBN network.


We have created this article that can guide you on How to Check for NBN Network Outage


If there are no known outages in your area, customers can proceed with the troubleshooting steps indicated in this article: Slow speed issue


Feel free to search Community for help with your issue, or send your TPG username or customer ID number via PM to assist you accordingly.


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