NBN speeds

Level 2
I have NBN 50 plan and recently I have noticed that my internet speed isn't what it is supposed to be. I used to get 35-45 MBPS in the past but over the last few weeks I barely make it to 20 MBPS. Sometimes it gets as high as 28 but that's it.

Not sure what is going on.

Hi @giridhar26 ,


We're sad to know that you're having speed issues with the service, I'd like to confirm what  devices are affected with slow connection. In the event its the devices connected via Wi-Fi, It is probably caused by Wireless Interference, here are some articles that you may find helpful.


Please see links below.


To get the actual speed we recommend to perform a speed test using a desktop/laptop connected via LAN/Ethernet  cable.


Let us know how it will go.