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NBN system maintenance

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Where can I find information about NBN system prolonged maintenance that may be occurring in my area, postcode 4555.  I have checked TPG's Service Status page, but it only gives updates that change each day, which is not helpful. l want to find out what major network maintenance that may be happening in my area over the last 2 months, which may be causing severe problems with my service. Information is unavailabe from NBN as they direct this sort of enquiry to my service provider.


Hi @rgwaldie,


We always update our service status page for any outage that's affecting multiple TPG customers.


The common issue within your area affects few customers, hence it is not posted on our Service Status page. There's a trouble ticket which was lodged by your assigned Engineer with the NBN Co. in which updates are provided internally.


The estimated time of restoring the service would be on 04/04/19. Further updates will be given by your assigned Engineer once available.


Kind regards,