NBN wirless speed

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Being in a rural location, wirless NBN is my only options, but I am finding the speeds poor. Today, for example, I get a download speed of 5.48Mb/s and 4.34 Mb/s upload. Speeds vary a lot and my highest download speed has been 15Mb/s. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues with wireless. I am in direct line of site to the wireless tower. 


Hi @stevecharles,


Is this result tested via Wireless or Wired Connection?


If it is Wireless. Kindly, run a speed test using a desktop/laptop via LAN/Ethernet Cable and attach the screenshot in this thread.



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TPG is like dealing with Telstra you have to jump hoops to prove is not your gear, eg connecting direct to the router and not WiFi


there is a known issue that nbn is overscribed, this can be seen during schools days, I can get the alocated bandwith but when the rug rat come home as like tonight is less the 1 meg up or down and stays that way till they go to bed at 2 am all is good again,


copied from my email to TPG,

note this issue is not the fault of TPG


"the idiots at nbn and Ericson have rearranged the chairs on the deck of the titanic again, they replaced both the indoor and outdoor units and it worked the same as before,


was told Ericson had disconnected the service after the last visit and left us off air for a week,  as the exercise of pointing the aerial away from the tower had failed,


 as the kids get out of school the bandwidth dissipates, they still no not get the point that they have over subscribed or overpopulated the towers and the infrastructure behind the towers just like Ericson did with telstra's  3G when they built it


speedtest done at 3 30 pm is at 7.92 Mbps, before 3pm working fine at 10 Mbps


by 4 30 pm died to 3.51 Mbps and thats where it is expected to stay till the rug rats go to bed"