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NBN50 speed issues

Level 1a
Hi i am existing with nan50, i only get around 20Mpbs download speed and its unstable too, i change all Ethernet cable to cat 6 one, also tried other modern too. but didn't fix the speed issue.

that is my speed test.

Hi @evisye1206 


Welcome to the Community!


Using your community information, I was able to check the current plan that you have. You're still on a legacy plan which is the SL Bundle 25/5, hence, why you're only getting around 20Mbps for download.


The good news is that you can upgrade to the NBN50 bundle for the same price. I can have an Accounts Specialist contact you for the upgrade. Please send me a PM with your best contact number and preferred time for a call.


How to PM? Click here for the guide.






Hi @evisye1206 


Thanks for providing your contact details via PM. As discussed, we have raised the request for a call back from our Plan Change Team tomorrow.


Please keep your lines open between 3PM - 4PM  NSW.




Hi @evisye1206,


Our records show that you were contacted by our Plan Change Team already. It seems like you agreed to go to an even higher plan which is NBN100.


From what I can tell, your upgrade has been completed, and you should be able to enjoy the higher speed package.


Let me know if you still have other concerns.



Level 1a
yes i did change my plan to nbn100 this afternoon. i am waiting for my speed up to 80mbps.

Hi @evisye1206


Your plan upgrade is already completed. You may want to run a test to check if your download speed has already improved.


Leave us a message should you require additional assistance.