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The connection of our ADSL hasn't been working for the last week and a half, i rang TPG 2 nights ago and have not heard back from a technician. I need working internet in order to be able to do my job!!! Driving me insane, and very much driivng me in the direction of another company. So many problems. If it isnt up and working again by the ned of this week, i am not paying for the month as techincally i will only be paying for 2 WEEKS usage.


Hi @raqueloconnor


Welcome to TPG Community! 


Thank you for raising this with us. I was able to review the issue after using your Community details to pull up your account. 


Our Engineering Team would like to confirm if you'll be available this coming Thursday or Friday, 14/15 March between 1PM - 5PM. 


Please do let us know if the schedule fits you or if you have another preferred date & time so we can inform our Engineering Team. 





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Today (Thursday) will be great. But I don’t finish work until 3pm so are you able to note that down so they don’t ring when I’m not available. Thanks

Hi @raqueloconnor, the technician visit is a 4 hour window appointment, but we'll advise our Engineering Team regarding your availability.


Hi @raqueloconnor, our Engineering Team has booked a technician for today, 14/March/2019 between 3PM-5PM.


Let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thank you.


Good day, @raqueloconnor


We'd like to check whether you are still having connection issues? The technician visit has been completed yesterday and found out that the cause of the issue is a corroded socket. 


Moreover, the modem appears to be connected for more than a day now. 


Should you still require additional assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know.