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National Institute of Health blocked ?

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I am tryng to go to which is the USA government's National Institute of Health website

It seems to be blocked on TPG - the domain name wont resolve, but its fine on other networks

Is this just for me, or does everyone else have this problem too?

Is TPG blocking it ?


Hi richbill,


It's working ok on Google Chrome browser from my TPG Internet service.


Maybe try changing browser or browsing incognito to see ....


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Thanks very much for your response.

I changed my DNS settings to use microsoft's DNS at which fixed my problem

Chrome uses Googe's DNS of HTTPS which might be why its working for you.

I really think TPG might want to check their DNS server as it didnt seem to know NIH.GOV and it might be having trouble with other domain names causing problems to others, as its the default DNS for firefox and MS edge.

Thanks again for for your help


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