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Nbn Fttc problem

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Hi there, just got my modem and router for my Fttc plan.

Checked on my house is nbn ready.

I've connected everything up I've got all blue lights on my nbn modem that was supplied, router is plugged into computer and is working, but I still have no internet.

When I check my installation status it says it is in progress? But then why does all the blue lights work on the Fttc modem??

I called help desk and they said I have to leave it on for 24 hours?? When will my nbn account be available and am I supposed to get some notification first before turning the modem on.. As I've been as the current stage (see screenshot) since 2 days ago.

Please help
Level 1c

I have the same problem. The NBN Box has 4 blue lights. So it is good to go. The TPG modem on the other hand does not have a green light above internet. I have contacted TPG but I cannot get a response. I installed mine 3 days ago and still waiting.

Level 2
** 3 days.. I think I'll be giving them another call to see what the go is, after looking at other comments it seems that you have to really bother them to get any kind of proper service
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Ended up calling them and getting it sorted, combination of some settings to be set on the router provided and the fact that they just completed the install just before I called them.

So in short the solution for me was to wait for the confirmation sms and then call them to adjust settings on the router provided.

Hope this helps anyone else that has the same same issue.