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Nbn box keeps beeping

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Nbn box keeps beeping all the time. No idea how I turn it off. Any ideas what I need to do to stop. Keeping me awake 😨
Level 4

Hi @Yianni, I found it on NBN co's website, hope this helps. Feel free to see link below for the whole PDF details.






Level 3

Hi @tonystork,

Legend. I tried this this morning and that beep beep beep is dead forever. Smiley LOL

Level 4

@Yiannialways got chu fam ! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Level 5

So does this mean that @Yianni needs a replacement NBN battery?

Level 4

Well, I believe if 'Battery' is already dead that's the time it needs to be replacement. I'm not quiet sure if @Yianni needs a replacement. :/