Nbn nox and tpg modem

Level 2
Hi all, I'm thinking of upgrading to the 210mnps connection but when I go through to change my plan it warns me my hardware may nit be compatible. Is that only referring to the tog modem or the nbn box as well. I currently use the Archer vr1600 modem connected to the small black nbn box and then via coax to the wall point. Do TPG have High speed modems or can anyone recommend one, i buy most of my gear from PLE computers. I run a tp link wifi 6 mesh as well. Thanks in advance
for any guidance.

Hi @Paullym67


We are excited to get your plan upgraded to the NBN Superfast. Know that the modem you have at the moment is compatible with this high speed plan. Also, you may refer to High-Speed NBN BYO Modem Requirements


Just send us a PM with your TPG customer ID or username and we'll help you with your plan transition. 


Cheers! Smiley Happy