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New 5G Home Wireless Not Working

Level 2

I had the 5FGmodem delivered yestereday and connected it up.  After signing in to WiFi  I was not getting an Internet suggestion.   I logged into to modem web console and should see that Internet connection was not working.


I did receive a welcome SMS from TPG when the modem was turned on.


I rang TPG support and when through a silly 1 hour checklist of questions and all turned out non-conclusive.  I was told it would be escalated to the enginnering team and someone would call back this morning at 8 am.  Nobody did call so I rang support again and was advised to post a question in the community.


Anyone got any suggestions?   I supsect it is a backend configuration issue.


Hi @FigTree3184


We'd like to review the case and run some tests.


Shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.