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New home NBN connection with phone

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Hi I have two questions:


1. I was previously with Optus NBN but they screwed me up big time when I moved to a new address 2 weeks ago, so I signed up with TPG. I have not cancelled my Optus service and emails etc. My TPG connection is going ahead (tech coming to install next week Friday). Is there anything I need to do with Optus or can the disconnection from their end happen without my involvement? Optus NBN did not go live here at my new place because they screwed up reactivating my account and modem delivery.


2. Can I create additional email addresses with my account? How do I do so?




Hi @christophertoon,


Optus will not disconnect/cancel your account without your consent so you need to contact them in the process.


Yes, you can create slave accounts. Please check this link for the instructions: