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New password does not work for email.

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I changed my tpg password. The new password works to log in to tpg website, but it does not work to access mail. I have to use my old password to access tpg post office on the website or receive email on my ipad or my PC (Windows live mail). How can I change my password for email? Thank you.

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Hi @Bryce

Is the username (e.g. userbryce1 or whatever it might be) that you logged into My Account and changed the password for, is this the same username you are logging into Post Office with?










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Hi Luna, thanks for your reply. My main email accounts have different usernames than the one I log into the TPG website with. I had assumed that once I changed my TPG password, it would apply to all my email accounts. (I'm sure that what happened in the past.) How can I change the password for the email accounts that use a different username? I can't find anywhere on the website or post office to do that. Thanks for your help.

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Hi @Bryce it should do the trick if you log into My Account with the email account username.


So let's say your main username (for your internet service) is bryce1 but you want to change the password for another email account bryce2. Log into My Account with username bryce2 and the password for bryce2. Then click "change your password". This will then change the password for bryce2 and will not change the password for bryce1. 


Hope this works for you!

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Hi Luna, Thanks very much.