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No Internet connection

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it it seems to have stabilised again for now. The internet light in on and I can connect to the internet. 




I've received your PM @Dgorry88 and have arranged a callback for you today between 11:30 - 12:00 PM. 


You are correct, the connection has come back on now for 11 minutes and the speed is back to normal as well. 


However, for us to ensure that this issue won't reoccur again, I'd like to get our senior technician to further monitor the connection. 


Hi @Dgorry88,


I've seen that one of our senior technician has been in touch and escalated your concern to the Engineering Department.


I've sent you a private message regarding the fault ticket number for reference.  


Thanks for letting me assist you with this matter. Rest assured that the Engineering Team will take care and prioritize this case & should get in touch with you within the day for further updates. 


Thank you.