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No Internet connection

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My NBN connection has been out again, this is the second time I have encountered this. I need internet for doing work.

Hi @Makinfei 


Your service was impacted by an NBN outage. It was reported by NBNCo yesterday (Nov 19) at 9:30PM AEDT. The outage was caused by a power outage in the area. It was declared resolved at 8:19AM AEDT today after the power was restored by the commercial power provider.


Seeing that your NBN NTD box is still offline, at this point, please restart the NBN NTD box. If you're still unable to get all 4 lights to turn solid green, then perform a reset on the device instead. Let us know how it goes.





Hi @Makinfei,


We can see that your modem is already connected to the server. If you still need assistance, please leave a comment on the thread.