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No More TPG for ME. No Service No Internet No Phone.

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Installed their TP VR1600v Modem 3 days ago. No confirmation message from them. Used their message us service 30 hours ago. No response from them. Under consumer law, I have every right to cancel and seek refund for a service not provided or unfit for purpose. Their $350.00 cancelation fee does not apply here.


Hi @neuvecottage


We've responded to your previous post on;


Your NBN order is still in progress given the time frame of 2 to 30 calendar days for the installation. The equipment was sent to you ahead of time to lessen the down time and to make sure that you will be able to use the service once it is activated.


The account is being monitored by our service delivery team and will provide you with the updates once available.


Kind regards,


Level 1c

Thankyou Basil,

It would have been good to have been informed that the modem would not work until TPG is ready. The literature that comes with the modem suggests that it will configure within 30 minutes and away I go. It is dissapointing to me that I am paying your company for a service that takes so long to activate. I do though appreciate you explanation and I will wait without service until it pleases TPG to connect me but only for the stipulated period you mentioned. I suggest better communication in future via email. All this was easilly avoided.


You are welcome @neuvecottage.


Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We welcome all feedback as hearing from our customers is the best way we can improve our business.


Have a great day.