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No NBN Internet connection

Level 2

Hi There, 


 My internet was working yesterday on 28/03/2020 all day - although it was slow but at least I had internet. Today 29/03/2020 - This morning I woke up my FTTC device "DSL" light was flashing. This resulted with me not having any internet connection.


I can connect to my modem - all my devices are connected via wireless from the router. But it seems the DSL connection is not up. I checked my billing account and all my payments are upto date.


I have checked the network status for any outages in my area there's none:


I have gone through the "trouble shooting your internet connection document" still no luck. 


I have tried to chat online and these no response. I've been on the phone for 1 hour with on hold music - after that it simply hangs up on me.


This is the best support loop in history - Phone tells you to go to online chat --> online chat --> states our customer service team are busy helping others, please try again later. 


How do I do my job for my organisation - when you can't provide internet access?

Level 2

Can I have an update? I have given up calling in the issue as there is nobody answering calls. Clearly the chat service could be down or unmanned as per my previous post.


This is now ridiculous - it has taken me offline all day today. I can see there are lots of complaints for this issue, I wonder what has changed to cause these issues. 


I need this to be working back to normal by tomorrow, otherwise TPG will need to compensate to myself and all customers impacted by unstable / no internet connection to be able to work.