No NBN connection

Level 2

I've lost my NBN connection for the second time this week. A reset does not rectify the issue, nor is there any current outages for my area. I've attempted to contact your tech support via phone however I am unable to get through to a technician. Can you please contact me to help fix this problem.


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Once confirmed that there's the address/area is not affected by an NBN network outage here.


Then customers may troubleshoot the issue with the help of our online guide.


We understand that you were able to raise this case with our Technical support team and an NBN ticket was raised with the help of our Engineers. An NBN technician was booked today and found the fault within the First Socket or MDF. This was resolved by repairing the faulty line.


We understand that your service is back and working within specification. If you need further assistance, please let us know.