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No NBN internet connection

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Hi TPG. This is my second post on this site (after one email, several SMS's, a Tweet, and an online chat that went nowhere, over the course of this week). Is anyone there? Now 9 nine days with zero internet or phone due to an NBN outage (can't contact NBN of course - they say to go to my provider ....well, that hasn't worked out too well). I do understand that TPG folks are working from home - great idea. What I don't understand is the lack of communication over such a long period of time. I'm not upset or angry, just feeling .... resigned maybe. TPG has been an excellent, communicative supplier until ....9 days ago. I submit this second post in the hope that I can elicit more than just a response ....but actually achieve a restored internet connection so that my household can finally work from home effectively!

Yours in hopeful anticipation



Hi Dalemcooper,

I have checked your service status and noted that nbn is investingating network outage in your area and restoration is undeway. 

you can also check network staus on below link.