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No NBN internet connection

Level 1b
I had a technician come out today to activate my NBN. He said the blue lights would all come on after 20 minutes. They still haven’t 6 hours later. There’s one light on and the other is flashing. It says I’m connected to the wifi however it is not working.
Please help me ASAP.
Level 8

Do you have a small white NBN connection box and archer wifi router?

From my reading, the first light is Power comes on straight away.

Second light is connection; if off or red, there is a problem sending power to an interface box outside your house. Seems to me to be extra work to be done outside.

Third light is DSL; won't come on till 2nd light is on and work is completed in the network.

Fourth light is LAN; indicates connection to your wifi router.

Did the technician leave a number to call to get him back?

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