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No NBN internet connection

Level 2
I had a technician come out today to activate my NBN. He said the blue lights would all come on after 20 minutes. They still haven’t 6 hours later. There’s one light on and the other is flashing. It says I’m connected to the wifi however it is not working.
Please help me ASAP.
Level 11

Do you have a small white NBN connection box and archer wifi router?

From my reading, the first light is Power comes on straight away.

Second light is connection; if off or red, there is a problem sending power to an interface box outside your house. Seems to me to be extra work to be done outside.

Third light is DSL; won't come on till 2nd light is on and work is completed in the network.

Fourth light is LAN; indicates connection to your wifi router.

Did the technician leave a number to call to get him back?

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