Level 2

The NBN has been down since 9am this morning but there is no update on the TPG site for the MAscot NSW area.


Can someone update me on when our connection will be active again


Hi @mcleanma,


TPG relies on the NBN Co’s infrastructure to deliver our NBN services. These infrastructures are not fault free and on occasion, may be affected by unplanned outages which can subsequently affect the NBN service we deliver to you.


We've created an article that will guide you on How to Check for NBN network outage.


If your address is not affected by an outage, we've created an online guide on how to troubleshoot your NBN internet connection. You may visit this link.


It appears that your service was affected by an unplanned network outage in the area which was caused by a faulty NBN equipment. This was resolved after an NBN technician attended the site and repaired/clean the faulty equipment.


The modem status is online and working within specification. If you need further assistance, please let us know.