Level 2

Edit: Looks like it's resolved four hours after NBN co told us it was fixed.


We've had an outage for the past two days thanks to the tornado that went through South East Queensland on Christmas day. TPG told us that the outage was resolved at 9:21 AM (it wasn't) and at 6 pm finally told us there's no outage at our address but at 7 pm we still aren't connected.


I've tried resetting the NBN box as well as switching it's power off and on again but we still have no connection. The wires from the pole all seem to be in normal condition. The power light on the box is solid and the downstream light is flashing constantly while the others are dark. It restarts itself occasionally but doesn't connect.


Can someone please check that and see what's going on and fix whatever's wrong?


We've had a total of 6 days without internet this month thanks to these storms and I've used 85% of my mobile data with 12 days until it's renewed.