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No connection for almost 3 weeks, no interest from tpg

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Every time I call, I'm told they'll contact me within 24 hours. This was true the first time. An NBN guy came and said it was RPG's responsibility. Nine days later, nothing but broken promises to contact me about an appointment. Then I demanded they make one while I was on the line.
This guy checked the wall socket. Took some photos and said it was NBN's responsibility. He then sent the first guy back. It was 15 days after the connection failed that he turned up again, said it was the internal cabling and that he's not trained to fix it.
So I called a private contractor to look at it. Strangely enough, this guy says that the service has been disconnected outside the house. That it's not the cabling. He then said he'd call tpg and was told they'll call either him or me. No further contact since, about 8 hours ago.
TPG still got paid though.
Worst ISP I've had since 1999.
And what troubles me is that I've only just started my contract. 2 more years of lies or pay to escape...

Hi @wakeup,


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If you're having issues with NBN service, we recommend the best thing to do first is check if there's an outage on the NBN network.

We have created this article that can guide you on How to Check for NBN Network Outage

If there are no known outages in your area you may perform basic troubleshooting, we did an article that you may find helpful see this link below.


Troubleshooting no internet connection


In this case, since this is now being handled by our Engineering Team. The issue has probably been escalated to NBN Co, I sent you a private message, please check your inbox.