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No connection since 9am 23rd May

Level 2
I've had no connection since 9am yesterday (23rd May 2020).
I have reset both the modem and router, there is power going to both but no connection. Currently no outages in my area.
I have a splitter which was installed, this has been damaged due to moving furniture last week. I was able to tape the connector in place and it worked for a further few days until yesterday morning when it stopped working. I bought a new splitter to replace the damaged one but there is still no internet connection.
I also removed the splitter from the equation as I don't need the second connection, I installed the cable directly to the wall from the nbn box. This made no difference and still no connection. Short of going and buying new leads and splitters again I fear the issue may lie with the nbn box/connection outside of my control.

NBN - occasionally all lights flash blue.
Power - on
Downstream - off
Upstream - off
Online - off

Power - on
DSL - off
Internet - off
2.4G - on
5G - on
WPS - off
phone 1 - off
Phone 2 - off
WAN - on but drops in and out
LAN1 - off
LAN2 - off
LAN3 - off
LAN4 - off

 Hi Jessielou092 ,

Could you pls Private message me with your Name, Username, DOB, Address and Contact no so I can assist you.