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No internet & being charged for new trial modem within warranty

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Hi, I recently called about this and was told that an urgent note for higher management to call back has been noted. I was told I would get a call back later that day. Still no call back now and it's been almost a week.. Please understand that frustration is building so hope for your response ASAP.


Regarding my home internet - I stopped getting internet about 3 weeks ago on our second modem (first modem was faulty after a while, I intentionally signed up for the contract that included a working modem). After nuerous calls and follow ups, we were told our second modem was faulty again and we were getting a new trial modem (3rd modem). Trial modem worked and we were told we were going to be charged if we wanted to keep this third modem (still within first original contract that said a modem was included). The reason for this charge was because 'the warranty had expired.' I confirmed that the warranty wasn't expired from when this second modem was sent to us. It came with it's own box and warranty, i had the proof letter & warranty booklet in front of me.


However it was briefly explained to us that warranty for this modem started when we received our first faulty modem at the very beginning of our contract, not when this second modem was sent to us, even though each came with their own warranty booklets.


While still being on the same original contract, we are now on our 3rd modem as the other 2 were faulty. Again, we intentionally committed to this package as it says that it comes with a modem. Despite our patience in oganising all these technician visits & long waiting phone calls on hold, we are now asked to pay for a modem that we believe we have been paying for by choosing this package!


So my questions are:

(1) How is it that we now have to pay for our 3rd modem that our contract package included?

(2) How does warranty cover multiple modems and where on the terms & conditions are these explained?


I am waiting for TPG to call me back to follow up. I have tried calling, texted back to a text that says 'reply if any concerns' so now trying online as I am really struggling to get answers and refuse for the modem cost to be charged to my account without someone getting back to me. I really have tried to be patience and understanding but this time, being the third time, is becoming hard to stay loyal as a customer especially about the charge. 


Looking forward to hearing some responses soon.


Thank you.

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I got the same problem for the last three weeks and still unfix.  TPG blame NBN problem and NBN tech come out three times.  NBN blame is TPG control the speed nothing NBN can do.  I am the middle suffer 

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Hi @Jolasung1


Welcome to Community! 


I've located your account and using your Community details and reviewed the interaction on your account. 


We do offer free modem which normally comes with a 1-yr warranty; just like most electronic devices. Since the one you have since 2018 is no longer in warranty, we have sent you a loan modem for comparative testing and it did prove that the old modem you have is already faulty. 


The reason why the service is not working is due to the equipment though we can see now that your internet is up and running for 6days using the loan modem we sent. 


We provided you with an option to keep the loan modem for $50 only or you may get a new one of your choice. 


Please let us know how you wish to proceed.