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No internet connection

Level 2
This is getting beyond a joke now. I have waited for weeks for my box device which FINALLY came in the mail. Now I have plugged everything in and I’m still NOT connecting to the internet. I have paid for this service and for over a week and a half haven’t been able to use it. I have done all troubleshooting, tried phoning, messaging on your chat online support. I have WASTED HOURS of my time trying to get this sorted so that I can work remotely.

This is unsatisfactory service. I will expect some sort of compensation from this distressing experience you have forced upon me.
If no one gets back to me to help rectify this problem, take this as my formal notice of cancellation and provide a FULL refund of the monies you have robbed me of.
Absolutely disgusted with the lack of service you have NOT provided your customers with.