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No internet for 2 days? No reply within 4 hours?

Level 2
Modem fails xdsl synchronization test. No settings on the modem or physical connections have been changed.

Sent an email but haven't received a reply.

Internet was working fine, then woke up to it yesterday with no internet available and has been the same for 2 days now!

Power cycled the modem, double checked all settings and connections are fine. Likely issue on ISP end?

Is this standard for TPG?

Hi @Abstracted


Welcome to TPG Community! 


We're sorry to read about the issue and apologies for the poor experience. 


We'd like to check and run remote tests to see what's causing the connection issue. I tried searching for your account using your Community details however I'm unable to find any match. 


Any chance you can send either your Customer ID or service address via private message private message so we can assist you?