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No internet, huge stuff around, inadequate compensation.

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So for months i have been having issues with my nbn, drop outs and such constantly, i call to get them sorted to be given the run around through the same tests which i've done a million times, for a temp fix, finally after maybe 4 attempts at getting my nbn fixed they finally come out to the house after months to find i need nbn themselves to come out and dig a trench and place a new line which is fine, get's it fixed 100%, that was on the 24th that i initially called about it, they came out a week or so ago and did that but didn't actually connect the line to the house and left me with no internet whatsoever which is basically how it was prior, they say they will compensate me with a sim for 3 months with 50gb a month, 50gb is valued at something like $40, i pay $90 a month, for unlimited, and have not been getting a steady connection at all, then they basically through me through the ringer again because when i activate this said sim, which is somehow meant to compensate an entire household from 1 single hotspot, IT'S ONLY 1MBPS, i am paying $90 and being compensated with absolute trash, i have emailed the helpdesk with this same topic, called in regards to what's being done, and no real answer, i want better compensation then a 1mbps connection for an entire household which is virtually worth NOTHING when i'm still paying $90 a month, someone contact me so i can ** well get something sorted out.


Hi evilmeister


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We were able to locate your account and learned that your service is affected by a known fault within the NBN network.


Due to the complexity of the case, our wholesale provider is not able to provide an ETA.


We understand that your assigned Engineer has been in touch and further updates will be provided as soon as it becomes available.