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No internet or home phone connection

Level 2
We’ve had to go without internet and home phone signals for an entire week now. We’ve tried calling tech support a number of times, waiting for more than 40 minutes just to get through, and we can’t even get an answer other than “sorry, we can’t do anything until Telstra can fix it”. Telstra’s been pushing back the date to fix it by, and now apparently we have to wait another week? We work from home so we need internet. Are we supposed to pay for extra data packages from our mobile provider or something? Who will cover this extra expense then?

This whole experience with TPG has been extremely disappointing since I don’t see anyone taking responsibility to fix something we’re literally paying for. I know we’re not the only ones affected by this so I hope someone from TPG can come forward and take responsibility, whether it be fixing the issues immediately, or monetary compensation.