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No internet, remote installation

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On monday I had to repurchased my nbn50 plan at about 4pm and was told to wait up to 24hrs for the remote installation (I already have the modem ac1200). However it's now Wednesday and 40+ hours later and tpg/install says it's still processing. I've started two live chats and as soon as they transfer me to technical support, the person  never replies... and now I've been on the phone for over an hour, one man transferred me to tech support 25 mins into the phone call. 

I have the power, and 2 wireless lights on solid green, the Ethernet cable light comes on if plugged into the computer but no Iinternet connection even though the modem is connected, and the wps light works but cannot find Wi-Fi. The 4th light along was orange solid last night and now it's just off. Pleeeaaassseee help !