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No internet service for last 6 days

Level 1b

No internet at home in Bicton, WA for last 6 days.


Called support and they have arrange service tech to come out on the 10th! - in another 5 days time.


Problem is with the line coming in to the house. Internal modem and cabling has been checked.


TPG please confirm that the NBN is currently operational at my address. I thought this would be a simple process and then get on to Telstra to fix?


I don't want a TPG tech to come out and then arrange for the Telstra fix. That will be another week of no internet - I am trying to run a small business from home. This customer service is particularly poor. Not impressed.


Hi @philhpwd,


Welcome to the community!


We are sorry to know that you're having no connection for 6 days now.


We're able to locate your account using your community details and seen that initial test result of our Technicians shows a possible line fault. This has been escalated to our Engineering Team and currently under assessment.

Due to the numbers of Technician available in your area, We are able to book a TPG Technician to check your NBN service on 11/Feb/2019 between 8AM - 12PM.

We'll keep an eye on this and pass this to our Engineering Team for additional reference. Further updates will be provided by the assigned Engineer handling your case via SMS or Phone call.


We apologise for any inconvenience.



Level 1a

good luck with them


we had no internet for 2.5 weeks leading up to Christmas. Got the same spiel from TPG. The technician appt was changed 3 times and everytime I had to chase them. 
We have 6 devices in our home, cost me over $250 as they all went over their data allowance. Have been a customer of TPG for a long time. Asked Billing for compensation of some sort, which again i have been chasing since the end of December, only to be told today after 6 weeks of chasing them. They are giving me 1 month compensation.

They never once returned a call. 

Level 1b

Thanks Shane,


As mentioned in original post and to the telephone support personnel, the problem is with the cable coming into the house - there is no line voltage on the wires coming into the house. 


Please contact Telstra to come and fix. I can't wait for TPG tech to come and confirm the fault THEN contact Telstra - waiting for them to fix - another week goes by.


I'm trying to run a business from home, but this is not happening at the moment.


What is the typical time to fix an issue once handed to the "Engineering Team"


This cannot be the norm........can it??



Hi @fedup


Welcome to the Community. 


Thanks for reaching out to us about this and providing your feedback about your experience. It's disappointing to hear that we've let you down.


Hope you'll still give us the chance to make things straight and we'd love turn your experience around.


I've located your account using your Community details and has reviewed the notes on your account. 


Based on the report, our Engineers has identified an issue with the physical line being managed and controlled by Telstra. Unfortunately, due to similar issues in the area, Telstra technicians are experiencing overwhelmingly high workloads and tech response times are longer than normal and has caused the delay / reschedule of their technicians. 


Nonetheless, we will certainly be reviewing your interactions with TPG in an effort to identify areas in which we can improve, as we strive to provide our customers with the best possible customer experience each and every time.


I've also sent you a Private Message in relation to this case. 


Thank you. 




Hi @philhpwd


Thanks for the additional information. 


I've reviewed the escalated case and based on the remote tests and initial checks conducted, currently, the results shows no physical issue with the lead in cable. Hence, a TPG technician was requested for further investigation and to resolve this issue. 


Nonetheless, I can see that our Engineer has been in touch earlier and has moved the appointment for the TPG Field technician on an earlier date - 7 February between 8am - 12pm.


Once the job order has been completed, our Engineers will contact you further for updates. 


In terms of the timeframe, we definitely would like to have any reported issue sorted out as soon as possible. However, most of the time, we can only work with technician availability given by wholesale or third party technician groups who perform restoration.



Level 1b

Thanks Erika,


Very good. The service tech was brought forward to Thursday, thanks.

I mentioned to Chris (Philippines service) to have the technician call me 30mins prior to arriving so that I can meet him at home. I was surprised to get a call from the Tech saying he was waiting at my place! I drove the 30 mins from work to home only to be met by an unhappy tech! Told him to speak to his manager.

Anyhow the problem was confirmed to be with the line coming into the house - an NBN issue. There is no live connection. This was reported when TPG was first contacted.

The tech said that TPG will contact NBN and they will be in touch. No touch yet?

Called TPG again this morning to check on progress and was told that NBN has fixed the problem? The lady told me they fixed in the same day at the TPG tech was checking the connection. I informed them that they most certainly have not. What is going on with TPG?!

Other service enquiries have usually been resolved very quickly. 

Less than impressed. Please send me through the documentation to be completed for compensation due to lack of business.




Hi @philhpwd


I've since checked the lodged fault and it showed that you have spoken to one of our Engineers. They have coordinated this matter to NBN Co and is awaiting for their report. 


We apologise for the inconvenience this has is causing you. 


Hi  @philhpwd


As per the recent update on the escalated fault, an appointment has been booked tomorrow, 13 FEB between 1PM - 5PM. Please ensure that you or someone over 18yrs of age is present during the visit. \


Should you have further queries, please don't hesitate to let us know or you may reply to the SMS sent by our Engineering Team.