No internet

Level 2
I was going to call but I didn’t want to cuss out everyone in customer service because it’s not your fault why the actual heck has my internet literally been disappearing every 2 seconds for the last week. It disappears for 30 mins and comes back for 2 minutes only for it to disappear again I’m about to lose my marbles. This is absolute doo doo service I’m essentially paying for no bloody Wi-Fi as I have to use my 4G half the time which is thank god with Vodafone because TPGs would probably be doo doo too. immediately resolve this please it’s actually ridiculous. This is not the first time either at 12am my internet just disappears for an 1hour every few days.

Hi @KIY0003


We'd like to have a better understanding of the situation and see what we can do to resolve this as soon as possible.


Shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number for us to run some line tests.