No internet

Level 2

Since about 26th Dec we started getting drop-outs & cut-offs.
Seems the TPG supplied modem was possibly overheating, as after leaving it off for about 5 hrs , it re-connected. Then within 2-3 hours off it went again.
TPG said they were sending we a new modem that would take 3-6 business days! (they have no stock in major cites obviously!)
So I went a borrowed a router and yesterday 31st at about noon, we sucesffully re-connected.
It ran fine the whole day
This morning - no internet.
Router is fine - a tech friend came over and connected to his provider with my 'borrowed' router - no problem.
When we connected back to TPG - no internet.
Speaking to neighbours, family and some freinds - they all fine (but no-one is with TPG)

Tried call TPG spport - now waiting for a call back - that I know will achive absolutely nothing.

Have to say, I have decide to call it a day and get another provider
Their service level is just not up to it.

What really  peeves me is that I have to pay a whole 'months notice' - effectively for little to no internet.

I will be talking to thier billing or accounts team to see where it goes, as I will have hesitation in reporting this to the ombudman.  There has to be some very serious issues at TPG.


Hi @Bundabah.


We're here to help and get a better understanding of your concern. Please send us a private message and we'll go from there.