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No network

Level 1d
NBN will suddenly have no internet in these two days!

It’s no use reopening many times!

In the Carnegie area

Hi @yafei253699, we have checked the status of the connection and it appears to be up and running now.


Should you need any assistance, feel free to message us. Thank you.

Level 1d

The network will disappear without any time, and will come back after a while?


Why is TPG's service like a child?


If you are in a bad mood, it will disappear, and then there is no solution.


Hi @yafei253699,


We ran an initial test to your service. It shows a possible line fault causing service interruption. We'd like to confirm if there has been a change with your connection setup.


On the other hand, we'd like to arrange a call from one of our Technicians for real-time testing and investigation.


Feel free to PM me your best contact number and preferred time.