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Not receiving emails from some addresses

Level 2

I notice I am not the only one with this issue.

My TPG email has been working fine until recently.  Then Chariot told me that my legacy email address would stop working soon so I started transferring a bunch of contacts across to TPG.  That's when it all fell apart.  30% (I think, it's hard to tell) of emails will not arrive.  These are from places like Netconnect (which is a TPG subsidiary!) aand a whole bunch of others.  The issue is that I update my address with a vendor and they send a code to confirm.  I never receive the code so the update fails.  Contacts that used the TPG address over the last few years have still been able to get through without a problem.

I sent an email to the TPG postmaster on 8/6 and another on 14/6 with various examples and bounce messages.  I have had zero response.  I did a chat with a support person and they said that the postmaster sent me an email.  Clearly there is an issue because I did not receive it.

I am running out of time to get dozens of contacts updated before my Chariot and Netconnect address go away.


Hi @jbcarroll,

Let us help chase this to our Postmaster, could you send us a PM with your TPG Username and E-mail address?

How to send a PM? -

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Hi there,


You should never of had to go thru this. TPG should be able to upgrade hardware and migrate your account with only a short outage. Its done alot in business takeovers such as TPG taking over Chariot.