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Not recieving emails from tpg addresses in Outlook 2010

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Email in Outlook 2010 works fine until I send email from one of the slave email account pcs to my tpg email address from outlook 2010. the emails end up as spam in my web mail account not inbox and therfore dosen't go across to outlook.

Can send email from web mail on both slave pcs and it comes into web mail inbox and across to outlook.

Can recieve emails from gmail, that go straight through to outlook.

Web mail settings mail filter settings are set to Low (Normal) and Junk mail setting to move to inbox and mark as SPAM. Also have placed one of slave tpg email addresses into Allowed Email addresses.

Can send email from outlook on my PC to either of slave PCs and it goes through to outlook.

How to you get these emils to not go to spam folder in web mail (TPG's)

Have deleted profiles and created news ones in outlook which fixed problem of not recieving emails at all in Outlook 2010




Hi @flempd 

Can you please send me the header of the spam as a private message so we can further investigate why it goes to the spam folder in your post office.


Here's how to view the header.

  1. Open the Email from your slave that went to your spam folder in post office
  2. Click on the Drop down arrow on the upper right corner of the email
    • Header.png
  3. Copy the header and send it to me as a private message