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Only 10 seconds internet every 10 minutes.

Level 2
Internet working only 10 seconds every 10 minutes.
Changed tpg modem to a new one and nbn technician came but nothing fixed.
Even nbn technician came 5 times during last 3 months.
Interesting thing is internet works only when nbn technician is visiting my place.
Should have changed provider long time ago.

Hi @derekroh . What type of NBN connection do you have?

Can you reconnect the TPG router, get a few occurrences of these dropouts, then copy and paste the System Log in your reply. 

When dropouts occur, what happens to the Internet light on router?

Any changes to lights on NBN box, if you have one?

Level 2
Sick and tired of reconnecting and restarting things and talking about light on router. Already spent tens of hours for that kinda thing to wait and talk to TPG TECHNICAL SUPPORT TEAM on the phone and nothing fixed yet.