Optus calling me

Level 2
I don't want to call for such a small issue, but I keep getting calls from people claiming to be optus about my internet. I think tpg is on Vodafone so I just wanted to check that these are just persistent scammers who take things personally... if not I owe someone an apology lol thank you

Hi @Alexandralee


We actually cannot confirm if it is a scam call. If you receive a call that is unknown, unsolicited or you suspect to be fraudulent, this is what we advise: 

  • Don’t give the caller any personal details and hang up
  • Check that the call is coming from a number that’s not a number that we use.
  • Block the caller/sender’s number using your phone’s built-in call rejection features or by downloading an app to restrict incoming calls and messages.
  • Let the call go to voicemail and then listen to any message left to ascertain if this might be a genuine call. For more information on how to set up and manage voicemail, head to our support page.
  • Report the call to Scamwatch
  • Report the email or SMS to Scamwatch
  • Email customer_relations@tpg.com.au and provide the date and time you received the call, how many calls you received in total and your mobile number


Let us know if you need anything else.