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Orange light on NBN NTD (network termination device) box

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I noticed that one of the lights on my Arris NTD (the NBN black box that connects to my modem) is now an orange light instead of a green light. Any ideas why?




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Hey mate!


That's a little bit weird but is your internet still working? I remember when I lost my internet connection only the power light was solid then others were flashing. I was informed that the lights on the Arris box should be solid and green. Have you tried turning off and on the box? If yes and still the internet is not working, better to call TPG support as they can assist you further on this issue and for them to check if NBN has faults on the network. But if the internet is still working and the light is still yellow, then it's up to you if you still want TPG to check it. Smiley Happy




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Hey @lancelot999, thanks for the reply! It doesn't seem to be affecting the internet connection funnily enough. But after a year of only green lights on my NTD I thought it was strange to have an orange light.


I found a summary of the indicator lights at which says the orange US or upstream light indicates highspeed (which sounds good, but apparently green means ultra high speed)! I'm on a 100Mbps HFC plan. Hmmm!


I haven't really been pushing the speed this week, so tonight I might try some heavy downloading and see if there is a speed issue. I'll also try resetting it.



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Thank you @wilcrunk for the information.


Smiley Happy Smiley Happy