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Orange light on nbn uni-d1

Level 1a
Hello , i connected properly my AC1200 (triple check) but the light is still Orange on my NBN uni-d1.
But everything green on the modem ,so I don't have any access on internet.
This is like that since 2hours.
Thank you.

Hi @Eliasama 


Welcome to the Community!


The orange light for the UniD is normal. NTD boxes either show orange or green light for the UniD. As long as it's lit it means that it was able to detect an equipment to the said port.


I can see that you have been assisted by our Technical Team already. From what I gathered, it appears that it was taking time for the router to configure automatically. Nonetheless, after adjustments made by our Technical Team, your router started working.


Should you have other questions or concerns, please let us know.