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Outage for over 48 hours

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Hi have called multiple times today to get an update on our internet. Missed one call at 8.40pm which was likely the call back from the 4.40 call which was call back within 2 hours and 50 minutes on the callback service. Every time someone has put me through to the ‘technical’ team I have been told there is no wait time, I waited on the first call for an hour and a half of ‘no wait time’ and then called back straight away to be put back in the queue to wait another 3 hours for a call back and then the same situation.
I am now sitting on hold trying to call with no one answering and the center closing at 10pm. I have been trying since 10am. Really disappointed as the internet has now been not working to my premises for over 48 hours with no resolution or plan being conveyed to us. Please contact me immediately as we require the internet to be addressed now

Hi @aldousm


We've responded to your initial post here.


We'll be waiting for your account details via PM.