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Parental controls scheduling vr1600

Level 2
We have managed to limit the children's WiFi access with scheduling and have saved the settings. However if router is rebooted it locks to the previous state and ignores scheduling until dis/reenable in config. Is there a stable firmware update or work around that cannot be circumvented by a reboot. Would an after market router require special configuration for your VoiP.
Level 14

The Archer router does have a means to backup and restore its configuration but it may not be available on the models from TPG.

Logon to router and go to Advanced > System Tools  page..

Is there an option Backup & Restore?

You can backup the config to a file on your device.

And then restore the config if you have to reset.

VOIP will only work on a router from TPG, not a 3rd party one.