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Dear Customer Service Team,


We all understand that there are hardships that COVID-19 outbreak has brought, however taking that into the consideration, services still should be provided within reasonable timing. 

For more than a week me and my partner could not get in touch with at least one customer service member spending hours in attempt to do so. No support has been provided as of yet both using chat and phone system. We have already lost our hope to talk to someone from the team who can help. We have been left with no internet access in the time when working from home is required and essential.


This is absolutely ridiculous to not be able to get in touch with anyone from the team. Using the chat - we constantly receive "Our team members are currently serving other customers. We appreciate your patience. Please try again later". We keep trying later, however nothing ever happens. There is even no way to place ourserves in the queue. 


Coudl you please review that and advise the other way to get in touch with the customer service team? 


Thank you. 




Welcome to TPG Community! Please PM me your TPG username, CID or mobile phone number so i can look at your service



kind regards