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Please Help - No NBN Internet Connection

Level 2

Hi TPG please help asap. Our family has not had internet for 3 whole days during self isolation in Melbourne, Australia. There are 4 members of our family - two are school aged and my husband and I desperately need to work from home. I have the TPG app and have logged in many times before but I can't remember my display name or log in - I know my password. I just want to know what is going on with my account if my credit card has expired or whatever the issue is. I also want to be set up on direct debit if not already done so. There are no outages in our area at all and your phones are down because of COVID19 and after 3 days, it is still impossible to communicate via chat - it keeps saying 'try again later'. Desperately need someone to help asap, Lena

Level 11

I guess you have to type your userid each time in the phone app?

You could logon to the wifi router. Your userid should be in there. What model router do you have? Is the Internet light off?

Do you have an email client, eg Windows Live Mail, on any of your devices? Userid is preset there.  Or even in the email inbox, who are they addressed to? The email client can be used offline.