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Please cancel my account

Level 2
Hi there,

I want to cancel my account as I want to move another provider.
I've been using TPG last three years and it was ok before, but since they started NBN system, they tried to call me soooooooo many times even though I'd told them I didn't want to change. It was like a storking.
This time, I got NBN because I moved to the new house. The operator told me that NBN is very similar even better than my previous plan. So I finally contracted and waiting for the new modem. However, they send the modem wrong address and had to waint 3weeks. The operator never helped me as I waited on the phone over 30mins.

Finally I got the modem, but data usage was so small and sharped so quickly. How you could say it was similar to the previous one? It's complately different.

I contracted 18months plan, but it doesn't matter.
Please just let me know the prosess to cancel and the cost for cancellation my plan.