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Please help! I have moved and needing internet connection at my new place ASAP for work!

Level 2

Like everyone is saying, the online chat customer service is useless!! 

I have spent over 6 hours yesterday trying to get onto someone, everytime I get a hold of someone (after waiting for 1-2hours), they say they will direct me to the moving specialist and no one gets back to me even after waiting for over 3 hours for them to reply back to me. 

I have moved over 2 weeks ago, am still paying for NBN at my old house that I don't live anymore - what a waste of money. 

I can't even get a hold of anyone to cancel my TPG account so have no choice but to continue to pay for a service I am not using corrently. 

Need internet connected at my new place ASAP for my work. Any suggestions?? 

Thank you for your support in advance if anyone can help me! 

Level 2

I know. I've been trying to get hold of them since last week and I'm on the same boat sinve I've moved. I need to work from home and I'm paying for something I don't even use. Completely useless. Either they need to waive off our bill at our previous address or give us a couple of months free service.