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Please refresh connection - Upgrading to NBN 50 is making no difference to download speed

Level 2

Recently we've upgraded to the NBN 50 plan. TPG is gladly taking the extra money per month but the download speed remains unchanged (less than 10mbps as opposed to promised 45mbps).


Please refresh the connection or do something! Chat support can't be reached and there were no replies on the previous post either.


Speed test over ethernet during evening hours.


Hi slnlbl2017,

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Have you been running those speedtest by wireless or wired?.

If you can please proceed with the troubleshooting.

Level 2

Hi, thanks for the reply. We have managed to reach through to an online chat technician. The issue is required to be escalated as it cannot be fixed through initial troubleshooting with the technician.


The above test was done over a wired connection.